From 1,500 eur income everyone should pay into a pension system, including civil servants, because underneath is the unconditional basic income and a basic health insurance for all. Quite simple, as in Scandinavian countries, where health insurance is taken care of by the state.

That is financed, not by higher taxes, but by the abolition of the associated bureaucracy, the riches tax and the solid contribution that officials, employees and entrepreneurs pay out of their +3,000 income, of course graded, forced pension contributions from the self-employed, of course, and also from civil servants, politicians and managers! Solidarity just: Solid contribution from 3,000,- €

This prevents or counteracts old-age poverty, child poverty, strengthens single parents and reduces the hitherto growing gulf between rich and poor, stabilizing the economy and promoting consumer behavior. Above all, this would lead to a relief of the health system and the health insurance companies. More wealth for the general public means better living standards for the public, less rural exodus (since unconditional basic income) and many other benefits.


Bildquelle: Daniel Häni [CC BY-SA 2.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons


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